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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this insurance?

No. Membership is not insurance.  

  • Membership to Direct Integrative Care provides membership benefits like free consultations, follow ups, discounted supplements,  and discounted functional medicine labs, including enhanced access to Dr. Kim including evenings and weekends using phone visits, telemedicine, and texts.  However, it does not cover services outside our clinic such as ER, urgent care, other doctor's visits, medications, imaging studies, and hospital stays.

  • Because health care is a team effort, we recommend that you have a health insurance for visits to specialists, imaging studies, urgent care, ER visits, and hospital stays.  

  • Also, we recommend that you retain your relationship with current primary care physician in addition to our services.

What type of labs do you offer?

Our patient have access to more than 2000 tests from more than 25 functional medicine labs including labs designed to assess nutritional,  status, functional GI status, hormone status, adrenal status, allergy testing, comprehensive thyroid testing, advanced lipid testing, genetic testing. 

  • Dr. Kim believes in treating the patient not their lab values. 

  • Because these labs are often require paying out of pocket, Dr. Kim will partner with his patients to engage a shared decision making process to ensure testing appropriate labs are ordered in a cost-effective manner.

Why membership model?

Membership (also known as direct care model) allows best collaboration environment for patient and physician working together with below advantages:

  • Better access to care including weekends and evenings

  • More types of visits including clinic, telemedicine, and phone visit

  • Discounted supplements (through Whole Script)

  • Discounted labs (through Rupa Health)

Is this primary care clinic?

No.  We are an integrative medicine clinic first and foremost.  We offer integrative primary care in the context of integrative medicine.  Below are some differences between our practice and dedicated primary care practice:

  • Primary care physician focus their care based on conventional medicine using medications, tests, and procedures often following practice guideline.  Integrative Medicine builds on your primary care.  Our patients choose  integrative medicine approach to healing and/or functional medicine approaches of understanding potential root causes of their illnesses. This approach means more personalized approach to medicine rather than sticking to a rigid practice guideline.  The primary tools for treatments including illnesses using lifestyle, herbs, vitamins, and supplements as a first line therapy rather than relying on medications as first line. 

  • The basis of good integrative medicine should be built on practice good medicine:  

    • There will be times Dr. Kim will refer you to other specialists for a consultation.

    • If possible, please retain an insurance designated primary care physician and have insurance benefits so that you would benefit from the best care you can receive from integrative medicine and conventional medicine.


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