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Can 3 x 4 Genetic Test serve as a "Health Report?" - Role of Genetic Testing in my functional medicine practice.

I have been waiting for a sensible approach to incorporate genetic testing in my practice. Initially, there were specific genetic tests that answered one question about one gene. Then, there were services that would map out the entire genome often requiring a secondary database services resulting in overwhelming amount of data.

3 x 4 Genetic Test can generate a health report similar to the idea of weather report.

Weather Report

When we want to know about the weather, we consult our favorite web services to obtain a prediction about weather which often can be incorrect. Yet, when we need to know, even with understanding weather report can be wrong, we feel it is better than not knowing. So, before going out to run our errands, meet our friends, or run our errands, some of us will consult weather report.

Health Report

3 x 4 Genetic Test can serve in similar function. There are certain genetic mutations that determine disease occurrence or the occurrence is predictable and potentially disastrous such as BRCA gene mutation now we accept surgeries to remove breasts and ovaries are well accepted practices.

3 x 4 Genetic Test looks into a number of potential outcomes such as:

  • Cellular Pathways like methylation, oxidative stress, detox, and inflammation

  • Systems Pathways like Glucose, Memory, Collagen, Mood, Hormone balance, Histamine

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Energy

  • Activity

  • Nutrients

The organization and interpretation of the test results are also practical and give you multiple ways to work on your potential concerns such as lifestyle, supplements, and food.

Lastly, 3 x 4 Genetic Test provides you with the specific mutations which can be used to perform futher research using medical databases such as

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