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How can I achieve ketosis?

Metabolisms that use ketosis (fat burning - as opposed to sugar burning - for most of metabolic needs) can be achieved with multiple ways including plant-based.

Below are some ways to enter ketosis

  • Fasting greater than 72 hours or Intermitten Fasting (Jason Fung MD)

  • Plant Based - green juicing - low carb, low protein, low fat - high in micronutrient and fiber - not to exceed 1 month - recommend medical supervision

  • Terry Wahl diet - with limiting carbs

  • Duke Keto - Eric Westman MD - low carb, moderate protein, moderate fat

  • Carnivore - Ken Berry MD - no carb, high protein, high fat (although Dr. Berry may not agree)

It's ketosis that is resulting in healing - ketosis appears to have a wide range of effect from insulin sensitization, anti-inflammatory, and anti-neoplastic.  

In my practice, we focus on metabolic state and how to reach that state taking account of patients' preferences.  

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