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Acupuncture Colleagues Recommended by Dr. Kwon

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

One of the gifts I received from working with Dr. Andrew Weil was the idea of collaboration rather than competition and/or even coopetition.

Today, I had an opportunity to connect with Dr. Yoo Lee Kwon representing evolving of acupuncture field. I was introduced to acupuncture by some of masters of acupuncture and served as a Dean of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College - Berkeley where we had created a "Master Class" inviting every master in Chinese medicine who was willing to share their wisdom.

Dr. Kwon has the highest level of training an acupuncturist can obtain through education. Once a upon a time in the past, (still one school) simple certificate of completion. Then, the field evolved to offering master's degree which enabled the candidates to go through a national certification examination and subsequently state licensure. Now, there are individuals who choose to go through another level of training by obtaining a doctorate degree often allowing for specialization.

In preparation to launching Direct Integrative Care services offering affordable integrative medicine and functional medicine lab testing services, I am beginning to gather names of gifted healers in San Antonio and Austin area. Below are some of her recommendations:

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