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Can Cooperation Trump Competition? Yes! Austin Wellness Collaborative serves as an example.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Austin Wellness Collaborative is for professionals dedicated to wellness created by Ashley Maltz, MD with more than 2200 members. I have been inspired by Dr. Maltz; my comment was that this feels like an Oasis in the desert called "healthScare."

Dr. Andrew Weil, my mentor since 2002, shared that to create an integrative medicine revolution, you have to first create a counter-culture which will shift consciousness and change the climate within the medical community. Clearly, Dr. Weil has created that - today, most respected medical institutions pride in having an integrative medicine program. Dr. Maltz has created such a counterculture in Austin. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I have imitated Dr. Maltz and created San Antonio Wellness Cooperative. It is a bit different in that both professionals and interested public can join. One of the reasons is that San Antonio will probably have less number of healers than Austin which is a magnet for open-minded individuals - it is our Mid-Coast (reference to East Coast (NYC) and West Coast (SF Bay Area). It remains to be seen if this can take off. Ever so gracious, Dr. Maltz offered to help.

Below is a draft version of my Austin referral list which is heavy on mind-body practitioners. I went back several months of entries in the Austin Wellness Collaborative and noted practitioners of interest. It will be updated - and entered into new blog entry - Austin Referral List at a later time.

My Thanks to Dr. Maltz and members of Austin Wellness Collaborative.


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